Relationship Alchemy

Our relationship with our partner is a direct mirror into our inner-world. 

It reflects back to us the beautiful and not-so-beautiful parts of ourselves. 

People love to put emphasis on the honey moon stage being just a “phase.” but I personally do not buy into this. I see the “honey moon phase” as a time where we get a glimpse into who we are at our core

In the beginning, our partner brings out the very best in us. Our most desirable qualities. This is why we are flooded with dopamine and our serotonin levels become spiked; these “love” hormones and “happy” chemicals are actually just products of our true nature being fully activated. Our hearts are wide open to each other, to ourselves, and to all of the possibilities. Inevitably, reality sets in, and we realize that we are both still human. We have our baggage, we still have to do our inner-work; and this is the beauty of partnership. 

You get to do it together. You get to hold space for the unfoldment of both of your greatest, most empowered Selves with the support and reflection of one another. 

When both of you are willing to do what it takes to become better versions of yourselves, and use the safe container of your partnership to explore your inner-landscape, not only does your partnership grow stronger but you also grow stronger as individuals. 

When you are in a partnership, it is 3 different entities that are involved. You, your partner, and your partnership. It becomes a triad. Each one needs proper and consistent nourishment in order for there to be harmony and equilibrium. 

Here, we will explore the tools + practices + fundamentals + styles of communication that allow you and your partner to expand and open to each other in ways that allow all three of you to feel deeply fulfilled. 

What this looks like: 
  • Cultivating a safe container 
  • Exploring different communication styles 
  • Diving into subconscious programming 
  • Healing relationship wounds 
  • Learning love languages 
  • Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine healing & embodiment 
  • Uncovering and activating different psychological archetypes 
  • Exploring the world of tantra 

3 MONTH Deep Dive Program 

Bi-weekly 90 minute sessions along with full access to me through the Marco Polo app


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