Divine Feminine Moon Magic

This is a bi-weekly women’s circles for women who desire to dive deeper into themselves while living in sync with the lunar cycles and connecting with other sisters. It takes place virtually via Zoom every two weeks to celebrate the New moon and the Full moon. Every New Moon, we come together to plant seeds and set our intentions. Every full moon we come together to talk about what we are harvesting from our new moon seeds, and we also let go of whatever is no longer serving us. 

This is a safe space for women to come together in Sisterhood to celebrate and harness the magic of the current moon cycle, while meeting and connecting with other like-minded women.

The intention of these gatherings is to invoke passion in one another by being fully open and ready to receive the Divine Guidance that works through all of us and through the energy of the lunar cycle. I believe that each one of us carries such a unique energetic offering that allows us to be activated in ways that we don’t have access to on our own. We all carry our own signature medicine that we get to share and tap into in this sacred space. 
We are all mirrors to each other’s inner-worlds, so in this space we get to reflect greatness back to one another through opening our hearts and going on this journey together. 

This journey includes: an introductory guided meditation or hypnosis, break out rooms for the women to have more intimate drop-ins with one another, an astrology/moon cycle report, embodiment practices and other activations. 

What to expect:
~A safe space to speak your truth
~Grounding meditations
~Authentic connection with like-minded women

~Guest speakers and facilitators

~An in depth Astrology report  
~Embodiment practices to feel sexy and rooted in your body
~Surprise activations
~Group Oracle card reading