Reclaim your Sovereignty

Collectively, we are being called to heal and step into our Divine Feminine essence. 


Our Divine Feminine nature is the part of us that is sensual, playful, free and ignited with passion and love. She is our uninhibited inner-Goddess. 

This means fully standing in our magic, unapologetically speaking our truth, and living authentically from our heart as we make WAVES. Big, beautiful, colorful, vibrant waves that crash down the systems and outdated patriarchal conditioning that have kept us subservient for far too long. It is our time to step up and shine our light brighter than ever.

My mission is to support you while you heal and rediscover the power of your own sacred feminine nature. This means reclaiming the parts of yourself that have been forgotten or denied, tapping into the magic of who you are at your core, and chipping away at any walls that are blocking your heart from its fullest expression.


What this looks like:

  • Cultivating a deep and nourishing relationship with yourself
  • Inner-child healing
  • Self-love practices
  • Reclaiming your sovereign sexuality
  • Shadow integration
  • Living in sync with the moon
  • Unleashing your inner Wild Woman through sacred movement
  • Ancient feminine practices
  • Understanding and activating goddess archetypes
  • Understanding your numerological + astrological blueprint
  • Releasing + rewriting old stories
  • Reprogramming your subconscious mind
  • Developing a sustainable & nourishing spiritual practice

3 MONTH Deep Dive Program 

Bi-weekly 90 minute sessions along with full access to me through the Marco Polo app


Contact Zoe for more info:
Phone: 818-849-8299